It’s much smarter to talk to the world about the process you’re going through than to share the advice that you think the world needs. Talk about the journey of the climb. Document over create. ~Gary Vanderchuk

I’ve been struggling with how to restart this website and get back to telling you how I’m following my dreams. But then I watched this video by Gary Vee. The quote above are snippets from this video where Gary talks to a young man who is looking for direction on how to build his business. The wisdom here is outstanding. Watch it. It’s worth the 20 minutes to hear this message (warning: Gary curses a lot).


So I’m back. But I’m not here to teach you how to follow your dreams or write a book that teaches you how to set goals. Nope. No more of that. I’m pivoting this website and it’s going to just be a plain old regular journal of how I’m following my dreams and working by butt off to reach them. If you want to follow along and watch, that’s great, welcome!

In the next article I’ll tell you how far I’ve come since the last update. It’s far. I’ve been working hard since I wrote here last. So stay tuned.