I was chatting with a friend the other day about how I am feeling about pursuing my dreams and what method I’ll use to be successful. Lately I’ve had a lot of self-doubt and indecision. It’s almost like a cross between Analysis Paralysis and Fork in the Road type of stuff … I’m thinking too much about my next step and not actually taking steps.

I warned you at the beginning that I was going to be honest and transparent as I make progress with achieving my dreams. So here it is … laid out for you to see.

In the past 5 or 6 weeks I’ve really been struggling and have felt unable to move one way or another. So here’s the deal … I love the idea of writing a book to help others fulfill their big life goals (and I have actually been writing that book!). I love the idea of teaching classes, speaking to groups of eager learners and generally just helping others find their way.  Notice that I’m saying “I like the idea…”  — what I’m questioning right now is the actual execution of that idea. You can’t just like the idea of what a certain lifestyle looks like, you have to actually like the work it takes to achieve that lifestyle. Some days yes, some days no.

So rather than just ignoring those “no days” like I usually do, I’ve been listening to that nagging voice in the back of my mind to see what it’s actually saying. It’s different than letting doubt and fear creep in. It’s more like finally listening to what my soul is telling me and evaluating if the story I’m telling myself is true or not.

I don’t know the answer just yet. And that’s okay. But I do need to acknowledge that there’s evaluating that needs to be done and actually decide to take action on making a decision. So that’s why I’m writing this article today. To publicly acknowledge that I’m thinking about stuff and that I’m going to take action rather than let that evaluating become paralysis.

In the next couple weeks I’ve scheduled some “Pam Time” and the plan is to unplug as much as I can and spend some time at the beach. I’ll journal all this stuff out of my head and figure out my next steps. Stay tuned…