Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. ~John Dewey

I love the idea that goals are like dominoes. Achieving one of your goals is just the beginning of a massive chain reaction to achieving lots more goals. As each domino falls it becomes part of the masterpiece that was built before we even knew how to push over the first domino.

Sometimes dominoes aren’t set up in a single straight line. Sometimes they swirl around in a circle or crash into a mountain and spill all over the place only to begin a new chain reaction of epic domino art. Here… go watch this video to see what I mean. As you watch, think about each one of those 25,000 dominoes as a single goal that you’re achieving in your life and how that one goal leads to the next and to the next and next.

You can’t have an epic domino experience (achieving BIG dreams) if you don’t knock down that first domino.