The Big Dream

You can’t achieve your dream unless you know what the dream actually is. This list of goals will evolve over time and by putting it here – all in one place – I’ll be able to keep track of my progress.

Location Goals – where will all this fun take place?

  • Near the water. I’m an Aquarius and find my peace and balance when I’m near the water. The ocean would be ideal but if there’s a beach I’m not too picky about what type of body of water it is.
  • Warmer than Michigan. Snow, ice, cold… I just don’t like it at all. So I’d like to be somewhere warm with minimal winters. Hot is fine but maybe not sweltering. The Carolina’s maybe?
  • A place of my own-sorta. I’m a homeowner right now but sometimes feel stuck because of the mortgage commitment. So maybe a lease or rental is better for me? But no matter what type of dwelling it is, I just want a home base that I can call my own in whatever new location it might be.

Financial Goals – freedom from the scarcity mindset

  • Financial freedom. I don’t need to be a billionaire, but I need to have a sense of financial freedom in order to live the life I want to live. If I want to jet off to Italy for a long weekend, I want the financial freedom to do that.
  • Long term revenue streams. Using my career goals, below, I need to have reliable passive streams of revenue that will have long term returns on investments I’m making now.
  • Retirement and investment goals. I will continue to build my retirement and investment funds so I don’t need to work until I’m 90 (unless I want to, of course).

Career Goals – how will I make a living?

  • Working for myself. I’m a really good boss… I want to work for myself and be free for the “working for the man” grind.
  • No more trading time for money. I love client work (most of the time) but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life trading my time for money. I want to build something once, maintain it, and sell it a million times. This feeds into the “long term revenue streams goal” above.
  • Work from anywhere. So that I can achieve my “location goal” as well as my “travel goal” I need to develop a career path that allows me to work from anywhere. I just need a laptop and I’m ready to go!

Education Goals – stuff I want to learn

  • Specific skillsets I want to learn (or get better at) include:
    • fixed layout publications (sort of like digital magazines layouts)
    • WordPress (I know enough to make me dangerous, I need to be lethal!)
  • Watercolor – I’m really bad at this. It’d be a fun hobby I think… just gotta play more.
  • There’s more… this is an ongoing list, I’ll add to it when I discover something else I want to learn.

Travel Goals – it’s time to see the world!

  • Digital Nomad, Jr. As I mention above in “career goals” I want the ability to work from anywhere. I don’t necessarily want to travel full time – thus the “jr.” label – but if I do want to be gone for a few weeks, I need the ability to work while I’m away.
  • Italy. I’ve always wanted to spend some time in Italy and explore the country. I’m fascinated with the culture and want to learn more.