The Task List

You can’t achieve your goals unless you’re doing stuff to accomplish the goals. This is a placeholder for now… but this is where my big task list will live. The idea is that I’m not allowed to add anything to my Big Dream List unless I also add tasks to this list…and preferably (if possible) add a deadline to each of these tasks. Whoa! Scary thought, huh? Putting it all out there for the world to see. Baby steps, right?!  Just one task at a time, slow but sure progress.

Location Tasks

The Dream: To live somewhere warmer than Michigan, near the water, in a place I can call my home base.

  •  Simplify – My current home has three bedrooms with one being my art studio and one being a storage room. I have too much “stuff” and lighten the load. Decluttering, streamlining, purging- whatever I call it, it’s all the same. Get rid of the excess and only keep what I use and love.
  • Scout – The possibilities are endless when it comes to a dream location. My first inclination is Florida, but I wonder if that’s because it’s where I’ve vacationed the most often. So I need to scout out some new places to visit and figure out where I’d like to live.
  • Mortgage – My current home is upside down on the mortgage. Not because of the economic fallout of 2008, but because I paid too frickin’ much for the house when I bought it (back when I was young and naive.) So the task is to pay down the mortgage as quickly as I can so when it’s time to sell I won’t be facing a bad financial decision. I’m already paying extra each month, but I must do more.

Financial Tasks

The Dream: To have financial freedom through multiple streams of passive income so I can live the type of lifestyle I want and experience a stress free retirement.

Career Tasks

Education Tasks

Travel Tasks