“Goals are just dreams with deadlines.”

I’m not sure where I first heard this quote – probably on Pinterest, because you know everything we know lives on Pinterest now. But as I was brainstorming names for this website, I kept going back to this saying. It appears to be attributed to Diana Scharf Hunt who writes about time management. Lots of people say it’s from Napoleon Dynamite – fun movie! – but IMBD doesn’t have it listed as part of their memorable quotes list. So short of watching the movie again (which I’d love to do, it was one of those kinds of movies that you’d get something new from every time you watch it)…. I can’t tell you if it’s from the movie or just from Diana Scharf Hunt. I like to think it might be both.

Another quote I remember has something to do with a goal is only a wish until it’s written down. I like this one better because it implies your dreams can come true but you need to wrap a schedule around it to make it happen.